There is something about (Safety) Orange

You come across a brightly colored orange road sign. Before you read what’s on the sign, you know what it implies – “Warning!”.

Orange – a shade known as safety orange or blaze orange – is used to set objects and potential hazards apart from their surroundings.  It is a stark contrast with the color of the sky.

Whereas red shouts of an immediate hazard or danger and yellow implies the viewer to use caution, Orange is the color that conveys warnings of a potentially hazardous situation.  

Orange is used in the United states for traffic cones, accident prevention signs, and construction zone signs and markings.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that certain construction equipment be painted safety orange, along with hunting safety wear, and the tips of replica guns.  The warning light in most cars is orange along with biohazard and slow moving vehicle signs .

In all these situation, the color orange warns of a wide variety of potential safety hazards or risks.  There is something about orange and it’s potentially dangerous.