Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Belated blogroll updates

Unfogged The sole addition to the group-blogs section (you did know there were sections, right?) barely belongs there, since Ogged dominates his blogmates by a ratio of about 1000 to 1 -- except in the all-important 'living in Chicago' category, where Bob equals, or possibly excels, the mysterious O-man. But who am I to judge? Group or no, the topics covered are diverse, the writing is lively and intelligent, and Unfogged is always worth a visit. UPDATE: Ogged also excels in the 'reading his own site' and 'correcting me nicely' categories -- it's phantom co-blogger Unf who hails from Chicago, not proud Philadelphian Bob. Apologies to Bob for a gaffe of Kerry-like proportions. Pandagon Jesse is Matt Yglesias with a side of Ranma, graphically and otherwise. By this I do not mean that Jesse turns into a girl when splashed with cold water. Oliver Willis Joe Conason says Oliver Willis is "just cool." Not so -- he's also funny, and he knows stuff, and for reasons incomprehensible to man, he likes Britney Spears and the Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Persons. Conason, consider yourself corrected. FurdLog Frank Field's FurdLog is every bit the invaluable copyright and technology news and commentary site that mine is. Er, I mean, that CopyFight is. GROKLAW Paralegal pj covers all things SCO. Complete with actual research and heaping doses of humorous scorn. Greplaw The Slashdot of technology law, only without the hot grits. Juan Cole's Informed Comment If you want to actually understand what's happening in Iraq, rather than just absorb the news and regurgitate it as partisan spin, you must read Juan Cole. Iraq Democracy Watch Aggregated news and commentary on the state of the occupation. Salam Pax The most belated of belated entries. Salam is an amazing guy, and a great resource -- not only for his own close-up take on events in Iraq, but for his habit of inspiring and finding new Iraqi bloggers, including the next three folks. G in Baghdad G's photoblog Salam's friend G is an infrequent poster and, well, writes like a photographer. Still good. And the photos are amazing. Baghdad Burning Riverbend is a 24-year-old woman living in Baghad. She used to be a computer programmer. Now she can't leave the house without two male escorts and a chador. What the hell are we doing over there? Ishtar Talking Another Iraqi woman, blogging from Basra in Arabic, with translation by Salam. turningtables moja may not have much use for the embarassment of punctuation we enjoy, but he is no less than a hell of a writer. He brings you into the sweaty, uncertain world of a soldier in Iraq, makes you understand at least a little bit of what he lives through and sees every day. You should be reading this.

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