How do People Die on the Job?

Each year in America, thousands of people are killed while on the job. How do people die while at work? It’s a question many are curious about. We even have TV shows about it like “Deadliest Catch”. We know fisherman have dangerous jobs and death is not uncommon on the high seas, but what are some of the other ways that people die while on the job?



Who dies more, men or women?

It’s not even close. Men die 92% of the time vs 8% for women. Is this because men work more than women? No. While total work hours are higher for men than woman at 57% to 43%, the deaths are heavily disproportionate.

Men lead women in all categories of fatal work injuries listed in the first chart above except in one category: Homicides. If you are a woman, you are more likely to be murdered on the job than men.

Which Industries are Most Dangerous?

Looking at the total number of deaths, construction leads the way with 874 deaths in 2014. The transportation industry is second, followed by forestry, agriculture & fishing.

We always hear fishing is one of the most dangerous jobs in America, so why doesn’t it top this list? If you to look at the data by fatal accidents per 100,000, it does lead the way at 25 fatal accidents per 100,000.

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